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Each month we’ll feature an author and a book of the month giving you, the reader, a chance to engage and get to know some of your favorite authors.  This month we’re reading . . . Learn More

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We’re opening up an Aspiring Authors Corner.  Inside you’ll find help, tips and how to articles to make the process easier and attainable for becoming a published author. – Coming Soon

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Booklover conferences and events are a great way to connect with other reading enthusiasts as well as your favorite authors.  You’ll gain many friends by participating and having fun. – Learn More

STCC Book Club Members are Located Throughout the United States

No matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to participate in book club meetings
where you’ll meet many of the authors that you’ve grown to respect, admire, and enjoy to read.

STCC Book Club Founder: Bonita Thornton

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Welcome to the most exciting and enjoyable book club you’ll ever be a part of. As a member you’ll get to share your reading experience with other passionate readers like yourself virtually and in-person at book conference meetups throughout U.S.. As well as getting the opportunity to share your reading experience with many of the featured book authors who have been known to join into our teleconferencing book club meetings.

When you’ve found a good book, there’s nothing like being able to share the page by page drama with your friends. “What did you think about the way he proposed to her in the . . . Could you believe the way the sister behaved at the. . . or, Honey, with friends like that, I don’t see why she needed to have any enemies!

Well, as you can see we have a lot of fun during our meetings and we’d love for you to join in.  During our monthly book club calls, feel free to stay in your pajamas, kick off your house shoes, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Learn more about the Book Club.

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See what books we’ll be reading soon along with which authors STCC members will be engaging with.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

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Book Club Member of the Month?

Monica Caruthers
Monica CaruthersMember Since 2011
  • FAVORITE BOOK: “alakd aldldja; asd” by Brenda Jackson

Monica Caruthers: member since 2011
Monica’s message, ” The similarities between women’s fiction and romance are vast, however within the two, there are also distinct differences.  Uncovering the differences and different appeal for readers can be a mystery in itself. ” Learn more from Writing-World.com

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  • book-review-ebooks-brocks-redemption-ej-brock

October 2016: Brock’s Redemption by EJ Brock

October 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Brock’s Redemption by EJ Brock

MEETING DATE: October 15th, 2016

TELECONFERENCE: 4 p.m. PST / 5 p.m. MST / 6 p.m. CST / 7 p.m. EST- Get details

FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP: Meetings with the authors are for […]

  • book-review-ebooks-gumbo-love-series-ann-clay

September 2016: The Gumbo Love Series by Ann Clay

September 8th, 2016|0 Comments

The Gumbo Love Series by Ann Clay

MEETING DATE: September 17th, 2016

TELECONFERENCE: 4 p.m. PST / 5 p.m. MST / 6 p.m. CST / 7 p.m. EST- Get details

FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP: Meetings with the authors […]

  • book-Review-ebooks-Hot_Undercover_Bosses-Wayne_Jordan

August 2016: Hot Undercover Bosses – “Uncover Me” by Wayne Jordan

July 16th, 2016|0 Comments

Hot Undercover Bosses – “Uncover Me” by Wayne Jordan (12 sensual romance stories by 12 authors)

MEETING DATE: Saturday, August 20, 2016 – Get on the call with featured author Wayne Jordan